Paid Event Better than Free Event, Really?

Eventbrite recently featured an article on its blog titled “Why people don’t value free events” which lead to me to read another article on their blog titled “When it comes to events, “Free” is a dirty word” by Corwin Hiebart. People take free events for granted, whereas when they are asked to contribute money they […]

Use 10/20/30 to give Great Presentation

Presentations are common between Educators, Businessman, Students, and Trainers with over 300 million users. There are over 300 presentations given each day. Over a million presentations are going on right now. 50% of them are unbearable.

What is User Friendly Design?

Everyone these days want to create a “User Friendly” website. This makes me ask “What do you mean by User Friendly?” “User Friendly” is over-used and under defined. What maybe friendly to one person may not be friendly to another person. This is why we at Vira Designs prefer to use “User Appropriate” instead of “User Friendly”.

Basics of Business Card Design

A business card in some cases is the most important marketing piece that a company will have. It has the potential to make or break business deals, and is just as important as the way you present yourself during a first impression. In this post, we will cover some of the basics such as typography, […]

Is Social Media right for you?

Are you just doing things become everyone is doing it? Is Social Media right for your business? Are you getting any benefits from Social Media? Are you generating traffic to your website? These are are some of the key questions one should ask themselves before putting their time, energy and money into Social Media. A […]