Vira Designs offers both traditional marketing through Print, Mail, TV Radio, etc and Interactive Marketing through Web, Survey, Landing Pages, Video Landing Pages, Face 2 Face Interactive Technology etc. Vira Designs offers the best solutions in Interactive Marketing and is ready for the shift in business confidence and budget from traditional marketing to interactive marketing. According to a recent survey 39% of respondents plan to decrease traditional marketing spending (through Print, Direct Mail, TV and Radio). We are ready for shifting market and will advise you the best marketing methods for your business. Vira Designs offers various innovative and creative marketing solutions through Web, Print, E-Mail, TV, and Radio.

Our Marketing Solutions include:

Web Marketing

Vira Designs offers web marketing solutions through the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Print and Mail Marketing

Vira Designs offers various print and mail marketing solutions. For direct mail and print advertising, print production is a key factor. Vira Designs has partnered with some of the best printers to bring you quality prints at competitive prices. We undertake all large and small Direct Mail marketing projects. Our direct mail marketing solutions is optimized to bring you reliable solutions at competitive prices keeping in mind the key factors that drive these projects – Time, Data and Money.

E-Mail Marketing

Vira Designs offers some of the best E-Mail Marketing Solutions. We create beautiful email campaigns for your company that enhance your brand awareness and help increase your products sales. We offer tools to track the results of your email campaigns and manage your subscribers. We offer powerful analytics that goes beyond tracking opens and clicks. We track your email related conversions and sales. We handle signups, unsubscribe and bounces automatically. Easily create targeted segments of subscribers.

Video Marketing

Did you know the fastest conversion rate for business in 2009 was video marketing. Video Marketing will continue to grow in 2010 with higher rate of returns. Vira Designs offers innovative ways to market your brand through video marketing.