Website Testing

Completed designing your website? Added content to your website? Are you ready to get your website live to your customers?

When launching / re-launching a website you can forget a number of things. Let Vira Designs thoroughly test your website before launch, after redesign or anytime.

Vira Designs will perform the following services:

Test your website in different browsers (Cross-browser check)

Check different browsers to make sure every users gets the same experience.

Check for Design Consistency and Readability

Check to make sure your design is consistent through all pages. Check for design consistencies such as padding’s, font sizes, image compression quality and more.

Functionality & Defensive Design Check

Testing everything on the website. If you have forms check to make sure all required fields are highlighted in a proper way. Check to make sure all forms errors are handled correctly. Check search functions, shopping carts, and log-in areas.

Check to make sure if a user cannot find a page they are redirected to a 404 page. Check to make sure the 404 page puts the user back on track. Check to make sure your website works correctly when JavaScript is turned off. Check for any AJAX functionality to make sure it works.


It’s easy to miss spelling and grammatical errors when creating or re-launching a website. We will spell check your content including alt, titles, email texts, and every single character.

Check links

When creating a website it is easy to break a link. We will check every link to make sure it takes you where it’s supposed to.

Validation Check

We will check your website for XHTML / CSS validation line by line, tag by tag.